Distance Learning - Developing Customized Reports

Who Should Attend?
Experienced Actuate Developers

Attendance in the e.Report Designer Professional class, and hands-on Actuate report development experience

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Course Description

Distance Learning is the web-based delivery vehicle for Actuate technical training.
In our Distance Learning classes, students remotely attend our regional classes. Distance Learning students will see and hear the instructor's presentations, participate in class discussions and can share their desktops with the instructor when needed. Students receive the course materials and instructions on how to join the web session the week before the class start date.

This advanced course focuses on the report design process and environment. This includes discussions of the Actuate framework, the fundamentals of Actuate Basic, and the types and behaviors of Actuate Foundation Class methods. Students learn to develop reports with custom SQL queries, and how to customize controls, subreports, data streams, and pages. Additionally, students learn to create dynamic content through the use of customized Actuate Basic code. The optimization of Actuate reports is also discussed in order to ensure maximum efficiency, reusability, and ease of maintenance of report designs.

Each student receives a comprehensive course manual, which functions both as a workbook during class, and as a detailed reference guide once the class is completed.


  • Students must have access to the internet and a phone
  • Students need to have the current release of e.Report Designer Professional installed on their desktops prior to the class.


  • Overriding methods
  • Running Multiple Queries
  • Developing reports with custom SQL queries
  • Understanding custom data streams
  • Using filters to customize data streams
  • Actuate Foundation Class Library
  • How the Report Factory generates:
    - Sections
    - Frames
    - Controls
  • Where to customize report objects
    - Customizing controls
    - Customizing sub reports
    - Customizing pages
  • How to design and develop report objects considering requirements for:
    - Input data sources
    - Report's structure and flow
    - Runtime option requirements
    - Special controls/calculations
    - Active viewing
  • How to test and debug report object designs
  • How to optimize Actuate reports