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IT departments today need to quickly adapt their content infrastructure to address new and ever-changing business demands.  They need to feel confident that their systems will scale gracefully to meet the unprecedented performance requirements of today’s corporate applications.

Process management makes it possible to automatically pass data and content between interconnected software applications in a customer communications management (CCM) system.

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There are two key aspects
of process management

  • Defining auditable business processes that cause data to flow seamlessly between applications.

  • Monitoring processes and issuing alerts when the flow of data breaks down.

Process management:

  • Connects all the other pieces of the CCM puzzle together

  • Provides visibility into and control over CCM activities and enables organizations to increase operational efficiency.

  • Distributes the demand for computing resources

  • Helps fulfill Service Level Agreements.

Actuate delivers process management solutions to large organizations wanting to implement a modern, enterprise-grade CCM system.

Actuate has developed CCM process management capabilities that extend well beyond the typical fare offered by competing vendors under the traditional output management umbrella.

Our industry-leading solutions are distinguished by:

  • High Performance
    Actuate solutions are designed to quickly and reliably move data between CCM applications.

  • Integration and Scalability
    Actuate solutions provide a central integration point between (Actuate or third-party) repositories, back office systems and front office systems.

  • Ease of Use
    Actuate’s intuitive graphical user interface allows organizations to quickly design and deploy business processes without getting bogged down in complex computer code.

  • Collaborative Process Development
    Actuate enables multiple team members to simultaneously work on the same process in a secure environment.

  • Process Lifecycle Management
    Actuate makes it easy to manage CCM processes throughout their lifecycle: development, testing, production and obsolescence.

  • Process Scheduling
    Actuate offers powerful scheduling capabilities for automating repetitious tasks.

Product Details

Process Manager

Manage Content Solutions across the Organization

Process Designer

Graphically configure and deploy Content Services projects

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Accuracy and Performance Help Set Actuate Apart for Large-Scale Credit Card Transaction Extraction Project
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Grey Bruce Health Services responds to demands by automating healthcare records
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Brokerage migrates data to IBM Content Manager On Demand using Content Services Process Manager from Actuate
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Content Services Process Manager helps a leading Home Mortgage Specialist to modernize its document framework
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Major European company's growth facilitated through streamlined output management with the help of Content Services Process Manager capabilities
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Content Services Process Management makes for a more efficient business model at worldwide Financial Services organization
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Actuate helps Saudi Arabia Telecom Company Solve its online billing delays with more efficient document loading and quicker customer retrieval
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