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Print. Web. Email. Mobile. The modern multi-channel consumer environment has caused a fundamental shift in the “when, where and how” of customer communications, resulting in a new normal. To remain competitive, large organizations need to adapt their customer communications management (CCM) strategies to satisfy these heightened expectations.

Actuate provides multi-channel delivery solutions to large organizations wanting to improve how they communicate with customers in print, on the Web, through email, or on mobile devices.

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Your Information How, Where
and When You Want It

How customers use the statements they receive is changing; they want to interact with their information more.  They also want  to access it anytime, anywhere and any place with their desktop, tablets and mobile devices , or through assistive technologies for those with special needs.

Customer data itself is more complex than ever, comprising a myriad of sources, new and traditional, structured and unstructured, and including social media, customer support call logs and a myriad of transactional systems.

To keep customers happy, organizations need to offer a personalized choice in delivery – through mobile devices, tablets and desktop computers, as well as through more traditional routes such as the mail.

Traditional electronic document repositories and output management solutions weren’t created for today’s multi-device, touch screen, big data world.  They don’t have the depth of design necessary to keep up with new demands, including increasing regulatory pressures, in the areas of seamless storage and presentment.


Integrated Storage, Management,
Retrieval and Display

To keep pace, organizations need to consider multi-channel requirements when they create the information layout, in order to harness different technologies for different outputs.  When document creation is tied to document storage, a more efficient system is formed, allowing for seamless document creation, storage and delivery.

BIRT iHub Content Services for CCM provides seamless connectivity to back office ECM systems and facilitates the secure access, retrieval and delivery of customer communications - enabling organizations to deliver content to internal users and online to external end customers.  With iHub, only a single design is required to enable delivery for print, web, mobile and touch-enabled devices.  It controls both the load and retrieval of high-volume content and simplifies the integration between back- office applications, internal portals, web presence and corporate archives.

Seamless flow from document creation,
to storage, to delivery

iHub Multi-channel delivery accommodates print, web, mobile and tablet devices with both traditional static document formats, and also true interactive presentations and content visualizations.

With iHub Content Services for Multi-Channel Delivery, organizations can:

  • Handle massive amounts of customer correspondence while easily providing all customers with personalized, one-to-one communications

  • Increase customer access points and improve content availability

  • Enhance the online and customer self-service user experience.

“The chain of custody from the document to its source data is clearer, and there’s no need to glue disparate pieces together, which can lead to messy results. A single end-to-end solution helps ensure content integrity and makes it easier to search and find content quickly. Meanwhile, adding indexes can further enhance searching capabilities.”
Jeff Mills, General Manager, Actuate’s Content Services Group, International

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Meeting the Challenges of Multi-Channel delivery
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Case Study

Actuate solutions allow Telecommunications giant to offer online access to telephone bills
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Case Study

Meeting the Challenges of Multi-Channel delivery
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Multi-Channel Demands: “Your Data, in Their Hands”
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