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From accessing data and composing it, to content storage and delivery, each step along the path is equally critical to a successful Customer Communications Management (CCM) strategy. With Actuate, customers can integrate individual functions within their infrastructure, or deploy the complete end-to-end CCM solution.
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“Companies who keep up with customer expectations for personalized, on demand account information may be able to reduce their costs by eliminating 1/3 of print output, while increasing revenues from highly relevant promotions within transactional correspondence.” — InfoTrends

What is CCM?

BIRT Content Services for Customer Communications Management (CCM) is a holistic solution that manages high-volume customer communications, including correspondence. It delivers an integrated solution for enterprises to design, process, store and deliver accessible customer communications across multiple channels. With Actuate, organizations are able to aggregate, analyze and segment customer data, create high-volume targeted customer communications, including correspondence, meet regulatory archival requirements and deliver communications to customers via their preferred channels, such as, mail, online, mobile and touch devices.

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A Successful Customer Communications Management Strategy:

  • Consolidates the correspondence management process – to reduce costs

  • Controls branding and messaging – to increase revenue

  • Complies with legislation and regulations – to minimize risk

  • Creates printed or electronic communications that keep the customer top of mind – to differentiate with superior service

CCM By Area

Data Access

Retrieve Data from Various Sources to
Support Business Processes


Uncover Valuable Customer Insights
through Analytics

Document Composition

Compose Rich, Targeted Customer Communications

Process Management

Define, Deploy and Manage Content
Solutions across the Organization


Automate and Repurpose Documents
for Efficient CCM

Electronic Archiving

Securely Store Customer

Multi-channel delivery

Delivering Content Where, When
and How it’s Needed

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