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Organizations are required by law to meet emerging standards around making statements, policies, invoices and other customer communications accessible to the reading disabled through online channels.  Those who do not comply are faced with costly lawsuits under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Section 508, Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) and other similar legislations.

Aging baby boomers rank among the wealthiest population segment.  A vast majority of visually-impaired individuals have bank accounts, credit cards and investments. Estimating that at least 1% of a financial institution’s customers have a reading disability, an organization with 10 million customers would serve approximately 100,000 who require document accessibility services, and would have to generate in excess of 1.2 million accessible statements per year.

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High Volume PDF Accessibility

  • Addresses the drive to move away from paper statements

  • Automates the creation and production of accessible statements

  • Enables self-service and on-demand delivery of accessible statements

  • Maintains a single template for all customers, reducing costs


Our PDF Accessibility Solution assures organizations that any statement or transaction-oriented document can be produced in a fully accessible format, “on-demand”, and easily usable by reading disabled customers via assistive technology without the need to opt-in for accessible content.

Our PDF Accessibility Solution addresses accessible tagging through document composition or document remediation.

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Accessibility Tagging
through Composition

Through our PDF Accessibility Solution for Document Composition, users can tag their document elements at design time. Through a graphical designer, they can:

  • Define reading order

  • Apply alternate text to images, charts and graphics

  • State the language of the document and of individual elements

  • Mark text as headings

  • Create tables that tie cell contents to row and column headers.

Automated Document Remediation


Our PDF Accessibility Solution for Document Remediation is the only server-based solution on the market that can capture print streams and automate PDF tagging for accessibility. It also integrates with an organization’s existing enterprise content management (ECM) infrastructure to capture high-volume print streams and automatically transform them into accessible PDFs, addressing a comprehensive range of transformation, storage, retrieval and delivery demands.

For the first time, organizations can easily and cost-effectively meet regulatory, mandatory accessibility requirements.  At the same time, organizations can address of the needs of and increase loyalty among a growing and influential customer segment.   Our PDF Accessibility Solution provides:

  • A proven record of seamless integration with existing ECM infrastructure and practices

  • Extensive partnerships with accessibility experts to provide a comprehensive solution

  • Full range of products to handle end-to-end statement processing

  • PDF output is WCAG 2.0 Level AA conformant.

Product Details

Document Transform

Transform and Repurpose High-Volume Documents

Process Manager

Manage Content Solutions across the Organization

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Case Study

Global Bank Prioritizes Accessibility, Choosing Actuate PDF Accessibility Solution to Make Online Credit Card Statements Readable to the Blind
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American Foundation for the Blind: Facts and Figures on Adult Vision Loss
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PDF Accessibility Solution
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