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  • Turnkey virtual appliance requiring no additional software.

  • Best-of-breed document transformation capabilities for automatically remediating PDFs and print stream formats such as AFP, Metacode, and PCL into accessible PDF output (PDF/UA format).

  • WCAG 2.0 Level AA compliant PDF/UA output.

  • On-demand remediation of existing print streams and PDFs—legacy, archived, and current documents—for presentment on a web portal.

  • Alternate text management system that simplifies creation, review, and editing of alternate text for images, graphs, and figures. Developers can manage alt text in the graphical design environment while marketing and business users can access the same tools via thin client.

  • Rich graphical design environment for easily defining alternate text, reading order, language specification, heading levels, lists, tables, and all other tags.

  • Flexible document storage options for either using the included repository or connecting to existing third-party corporate archives. Comes with adaptors to major third-party repositories such as:

  • IBM® Content Manager OnDemand

  • IBM® FileNet® P8

  • IBM® FileNet® Image Services

  • EMC® Documentum®

  • Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) enabled systems

Document Accessibility Appliance: Preconfigured software that organizations can easily deploy between their corporate archive and web portal to automatically convert print streams and PDF documents into an Accessible PDF format.

Turnkey Virtual Appliance

Actuate Document Accessibility Appliance has a complete, pre-installed software infrastructure so there’s no need to install an operating system, a database, an application server, or any other software.

As a VMware image that’s ready to be deployed to VMWare Infrastructure, the Document Accessibility Appliance comes preloaded and configured with:

Put another way, Actuate Document Accessibility Appliance comes with everything an organization needs to make PDF/UA the default format for high-volume electronic customer communications.

Actuate Document Accessibility Appliance for Batch and Real-time Deployment
PDF Document Accessibility: Regulations, Risks, and Solutions for Compliance

Learn more about the best practices for banks and other financial institutions, insurance, healthcare, and a myriad of other institutions wishing to accommodate their customers who are blind or visually impaired regarding access to account statements and other financial and personal information in electronic formats. Get valuable details about:

  • Applicable federal laws/regulations requiring financial and other institutions to provide information in accessible formats
  • Traditional problems related to meeting Accessibility requirements
  • Solutions for overcoming problems and meeting requirements, while delivering high-quality customer experience.

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