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Actuate Software License Agreement Shrinkwrap

How to access product documentation:

1. Choose the link to the appropriate release documentation.
2. Select the documentation file you wish to download.
Right-click and choose Save Target As
3. Save the file to the location of your choice.
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The Actuate Software License and Services Agreement Document is posted for the following releases:

Actuate BIRT iHub 3.1

Actuate BIRT iHub F-Type 3.1

Actuate BIRT iHub 3 Fix 1

Actuate BIRT iHub F-Type Release 3

Actuate BIRT iHub Release 3

Actuate BIRT iHub Release 2

Actuate Release 11SP4F3

Actuate Release 11SP4
and Actuate BIRT Release 11SP4

Actuate Release 11SP3
and Actuate BIRT Release 11SP3

Actuate Release 11SP2
and Actuate BIRT Release 11SP2

Actuate Release 11SP1
and Actuate BIRT Release 11SP1

Actuate Release 11
and Actuate BIRT Release 11

Actuate Release 10SP1
and Actuate BIRT Release 2.3.2

Actuate Release 10
and Actuate BIRT Release 2.3.1

Actuate Release 9SP3
and Actuate BIRT Release 2.2.2

Actuate Release 9SP3 Workgroup
and Actuate BIRT Release 2.2 (August 2007)

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