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Big Data in the Mainstream: Insights for Everyone, Everywhere

On Demand Web Seminar


CIO Audio Video On-Demand Podcast | Sponsored by Actuate

This webcast features Actuate's Allen Bonde, vice-president of product marketing and innovation and Stan Gibson, Senior Managing Editor for IDG Communications Strategic Marketing Services,

Big Data is no longer a novelty. Your job in IT is to enable access to big data insights from any device in any location - visually and interactively. In this webcast you will learn why small data is important and how to embed insights into CRM and HRMS applications to reach a broad spectrum of decision-makers.

The webcast will cover

  • What Big Data initiatives need to deliver on its promise
  • Why data visualization is critical to avoid being overwhelmed by data
  • How scale and security are key foundations for reaching new users and applications
  • How the "small data" design philosophy can drive focus and agility
  • Where development teams need to focus to show ROI and deliver sustainable value from data investments

Event Name

Data Driven Decision Making: Analytics in Government

Web Seminar
Wednesday, April 22, 2015 | 2:00 PM ET
Web Seminar

Data Driven Decision Making: Analytics in Government
When it comes to managing programs or operations, government agencies rarely lack the data they need to make informed decisions. What they need is a process for converting that data into actionable information. In this webcast, Chris Chilbert, Chief Enterprise Architect, at the Department of Homeland Security, will discuss best practices for making data-driven decision making part of an organization's culture.

Topics to be addressed include:

*How to connect data initiatives with the decision-making process
*How architecture can make it easier to interpret data accurately

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OpenText Analytics Live Demo

Web Seminar
Wednesday, April 15, 2015 | 9:00am PT

Join us and see iHub in action in this live demo. iHub is OpenText Analytics's world-class visualization and deployment platform that significantly improves productivity when working to build intuitive, secure, and scalable customer facing applications.

Event Name

Dell Services Drives Savings with Embedded Analytics

Web Seminar
May 5 2015 | 9:00am | 12:00pm ET
Web Seminar

Dell Services consistently sets new standards of excellence within the IT services industry that drives positive change, increased value and better engagement with organizations worldwide.

During this webcast hear why Dell Services chose OpenText to:

Automate and present monthly Excel reporting
Provide dashboards and performance metrics to CIOs and practice directors
Perform monitoring, capacity planning, workload automation
Standardize reporting on widely adopted framework

John M. Johnson
Manager, Performance Tooling, Dell Services

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