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Event Name

Big Data in the Mainstream: Insights for Everyone, Everywhere

On Demand Web Seminar


CIO Audio Video On-Demand Podcast | Sponsored by Actuate

This webcast features Actuate's Allen Bonde, vice-president of product marketing and innovation and Stan Gibson, Senior Managing Editor for IDG Communications Strategic Marketing Services,

Big Data is no longer a novelty. Your job in IT is to enable access to big data insights from any device in any location - visually and interactively. In this webcast you will learn why small data is important and how to embed insights into CRM and HRMS applications to reach a broad spectrum of decision-makers.

The webcast will cover

  • What Big Data initiatives need to deliver on its promise
  • Why data visualization is critical to avoid being overwhelmed by data
  • How scale and security are key foundations for reaching new users and applications
  • How the "small data" design philosophy can drive focus and agility
  • Where development teams need to focus to show ROI and deliver sustainable value from data investments

Event Name

Webcast: The Four Pillars of Business Analytics

Web Seminar
Thursday, December 11, 2014 | 12:00PM ET
Web Seminar

This webcast sets the stage for the next wave of data management and the Four Pillars of Business Analytics. During this webcast you'll see how data, people, process, and technology provide an ecosystem for building a business analytic strategy that addresses the four pillars.

The webcast will cover:

*What role business analytics plays in the worldwide BI and Analytics Software Market
*How decision-making requirements are transformed into business analytic solutions
*How data, people, process, and technology management drives business analytics
*How to use the four pillar ecosystem to seamlessly embed analytics

Featured Speaker:

Mark Gamble, Director of Technical Marketing, Actuate

Event Name

Webcast: Designing Data Visualizations for Mobile Devices

Web Seminar
December 16, 2014 | 9:00AM PT | 12:00PM ET
Web Seminar

This webcast sets the stage for delivering data analytics for mobile devices. During this webcast you'll see how engineers and developers can present data into valuable business information.

During this webcast you will learn:

*The challenges for extending data visualizations to mobile devices
*How to effectively display data on tablets and wearables like smart watches
*Why drilling down to charts and sub-charts will deliver insights on any device, anywhere, anytime
*How to secure access for reports and dashboards

Featured Speakers:

Allen Bonde, VP of Product Marketing & Innovation, Actuate
David Rubinstein, Editor-in-Chief, SD Times

Event Name

Slashdot Media On-Demand Webcast: Creating Apps That Engage: How Data-Driven Apps Manage Today’s Big Data Challenges

Web Seminar
October 6, 2014

Slashdot Media On-Demand Webcast | Sponsored by Actuate

Data-driven apps, major growth engines for the today’s worldwide software market, are developed by IT Teams with several specific goals ‒ engaging users, helping to build strong relationships, developing reports and dashboards that include data from the wide variety of sources we consistently rely upon. IDC has proclaimed that 2014 will be the year of data-driven marketing and sales; join us at this informative on-demand webinar to hear how data-driven apps are changing the software market, from personalized portals to wearable devices that require data-driven applications.

Attendees will learn what developers building data driven customer-facing applications already know – focus and agility are keys to designing data-driven applications quickly and how BIRT can effectively meet these needs.

Event Name

Actuate Live Demo

Web Seminar
Wednesday, January 7, 2014 | 9:00am PT

Join us and see BIRT iHub in action, Actuate's world-class visualization and deployment platform that significantly improves productivity when working to build intuitive, secure, and scalable customer facing applications.

Event Name

Webcast featuring Boris Evelson Leverage Agile BI to Deliver the Next Wave in Business Intelligence

Web Seminar
February 24, 2015 | 11:00AM - 12:00PM
Web Seminar

Forrester calls the next wave in Business Intelligence, Agile BI - combining best practices, the latest generation of tools and leading edge processes. During this webcast you will understand four critical steps in strategizing around BI to achieve business goals: *Prepare for Your BI Program *See the right strategy *Building an open, agile, and scalable environment enables OEMs/SaaS providers to embed BI insights into apps and devices *Continue to measure and optimize Your BI Environment Speaker Boris Evelson Vice President, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research During this webcast, Evelson will incorporate findings from a recent Forrester report that he co-authored, "Drive Business Insight With Effective BI Strategy."