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BIRT iServer Release 11 Includes Elastic Clustering and Cloud Friendly Licensing for Effective Public and Private Cloud Deployment

San Mateo, Calif. – September 14, 2010 – Actuate Corporation (NASDAQ: ACTU), The people behind BIRT® and the leader in open source Business Intelligence, today announced BIRT iServer release 11. The latest release of iServer, Actuate’s world class scalable server for deploying, managing and securing BIRT content, analytics and dashboards, includes Elastic Clustering and flexible licensing for cloud deployment. In keeping with the core tenets of ActuateOne (see press release titled ‘Announcing ActuateOne’), iServer’s architecture is based upon one design, one server and one user experience to improve developer productivity and optimize the end user experience, even within virtualized and cloud environments.

iServer is architected to ensure that BIRT deployments scale linearly and are not locked into a particular end user experience, hardware configuration or data structure. The resulting technology seamlessly and elegantly supports the deployment of custom Business Intelligence and information applications in on-premises, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) scenarios across public, private and hybrid cloud environments. ActuateOne ensures that BIRT lives up to the promise of lower cost and flexibility in the cloud.

“Organizations are weary of the traditional perpetual software licensing model with its “one size fits all” approach and the excess purchasing/shelf-ware hangover,” said Howard Dresner, Principal, Dresner Advisory Services, Inc. “Any licensing model offering greater flexibility and value is a great innovation and a welcome change.”

Elastic Clustering for Cloud Deployment
With release 11, Actuate has developed Elastic Clustering of iServer to ensure maximum utilization and performance within any cloud or virtualized environment. Elastic Clustering is the ability to dynamically and automatically reassign, add or remove a fully capable, stateless image of BIRT iServer within a cluster without interrupting operations. Since the image of iServer is stateless, all settings can be externally configured ensuring that upon initiation the iServer instance takes on a pre-designated role within a cluster. This capability also has the added benefit of being able to designate iServer instances based on role and to optimize resource consumption for that role. As a result, iServer roles can be dynamically adjusted to respond to capacity and application requirements. For example, a cluster could be optimized for batch processing overnight but during working hours could be optimized for supplying real-time data for in-memory analytic dashboards.

Cloud Friendly Licensing
ActuateOne includes a work unit licensing model intended to offer flexibility for multi-core, server farm and cloud environments. It enables organizations to effectively plan for the BIRT capacity required, with granular licensing options based upon partial CPU usage. Work unit licensing ensures that customers can enjoy “pay as you grow” agility, knowing that Actuate maintains a vested interest in the success of application development. Furthermore, the work unit licensing model facilitates iterative, spontaneous application development and test cycles, since it enables IT departments to conveniently budget and plan while responding efficiently to end user requirements.

Cloud-ready Data Distribution
Accessing traditional BI data sources such as a data warehouse from within a large scale cloud application injects complexities including latency, unmanaged load and security vulnerability into the system. ActuateOne overcomes concerns around data management in the cloud by making it simple to design and deploy analytic data sources and allowing easy, secure migration of aggregated, multidimensional data structures to support applications in any virtualized environment. This is made possible with BIRT Data Objects, which facilitate the design and integration of cloud application-specific data sets from traditional data sources. The result is portable, nimble, secure, manageable datasets optimized for iServer in a cloud environment.

Multi-tenant Deployment Flexibility
The new architecture in release 11 is capable of massive multi-tenancy. iServer supports multi-tenant deployments, presenting several options to customers for complete flexibility to split machine usage as required. Tools are provided to allow customers to reconfigure their environment at any time, as their needs evolve, to support any type of virtualized environment. iServer allows complete flexibility in how multi-tenancy is managed, configured, secured and preserved. This set of administrative and management capabilities ensure that deployment is easy for SaaS, PaaS, and on-premises multi-tenant or multi departmental systems.

Pricing and Availability
ActuateOne includes release 11 of Actuate’s value-added products for the BIRT open source project, including the latest release of BIRT iServer and two new options, BIRT 360 and BIRT Data Analyzer. ActuateOne will be ready to ship by the end of September and will be generally available in October, 2010. Pricing is available in Named User, Unlimited User CPU Core and flexible Work Unit models.

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