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Announcing ActuateOne: One Design, One Server and One User Experience

ActuateOne Leverages BIRT to Simplify Data Access, Speed Development andEnsure User Agility — All from a Unified Environment that Grows with Success

San Mateo, Calif. – September 14, 2010 — Actuate Corporation (NASDAQ: ACTU), The people behind BIRT® and the leader in open source Business Intelligence, today announced ActuateOne, a game changing product suite for rapidly developing and deploying custom Business Intelligence (BI) applications and information applications. ActuateOne is based upon one design, one server and one user experience to improve developer productivity, optimize the end user experience within a unified environment, and deploy from on-premises to the cloud. Applications based on ActuateOne deliver information from any data source, including high volume print streams, and present it to end users for maximum productivity.

ActuateOne includes release 11 of Actuate’s value-added products for the Eclipse BIRT open source project, including the latest version of BIRT iServer. ActuateOne fulfills the vision that Actuate has had since the inception of BIRT to redefine the Business Intelligence category by moving away from a set of disparate tools to a suite of integrated capabilities within a single environment. Actuate’s new branding, ActuateOne, is recognition of a single common architecture for development and deployment, utilizing one design, one server and a seamless unified end-user experience that meets the dynamically changing needs of information consumers.

“The current Business Intelligence user experience is disjointed and frustrating as end users try to get to the information they are looking for. It is akin to chaotic city driving with the added challenge of having to stop and change cars at every block,” said Shaku Atre, President of Atre Group. “ActuateOne’s release 11 with its one design, one user experience, and one server evolves the user experience into one uninterrupted journey to discover and use information ― that’s a big win for BI users at large. Isn’t this what ‘good’ software is supposed to do in the first place?”

ActuateOne delivers a comprehensive BI development and deployment platform. Organizations can use ActuateOne to address the information consumption needs of critical business processes and their users inside and outside the firewall. Technologically ActuateOne centers around the open source BIRT design, employs Actuate’s BIRT iServer for high scale, high performance deployment and Actuate’s value-added BIRT interactive and analytic features to create unmatched, contextualized user experiences from within a single environment.

“We have been impressed with the integrated capabilities, single development environment and the overall user experience in release 11,” said Kerry Lau, Senior Technician, IT Department, Health Bureau, Government of Macao (Special Administrative Region). “The dashboarding is particularly impressive, since it does not need to be set up separately and the modularity makes it simple for business users to freely define their own canvas.”

One Design
The foundation of ActuateOne is the open source BIRT design which is embraced by over 750,000 developers worldwide and the core of the Eclipse BIRT open source project. BIRT Designer is the common design environment that uses a web-based design metaphor for content creation and includes editors for metadata definition, query definition and execution. BIRT supports varied programming capabilities including scripting via EasyScript or JavaScript and coding via SQL and Java. The BIRT design is reusable, supporting object-oriented components and libraries. BIRT’s Open Data Access framework allows BIRT to connect to any data. 

ActuateOne allows a BIRT design to:

One User Experience
ActuateOne instantly transforms any BIRT design, including open source BIRT designs, into interactive information, suitable for any user. The entire user experience is carefully managed and based upon information that has been secured and personalized to each recipient.

ActuateOne provides within one user context:

Release 11 includes BIRT 360 and BIRT Data Analyzer. These new additions to the product line deliver flexible, intuitive in-memory analytics and dashboarding capabilities, significantly expanding the options available for end users within a unified environment (see press release titled ‘ActuateOne Includes Analytics and Dashboards for Everyone').

One Server
ActuateOne includes BIRT iServer to manage deployments on-premises or to private, public and hybrid cloud environments (see press release titled ‘ActuateOne Leads in Efficient Deployment of Business Intelligence Across All Cloud Architectures’). Release 11 of iServer adds scalability via Elastic Clustering to dynamically provision instances as needed as well as generating in-memory datasets from disparate enterprise data sources in support of the new dashboard and analytics features. These data sets, BIRT Data Objects, are defined in the BIRT design, further simplifying BI tasks and eliminating the need for multiple tools.

ActuateOne provides within one deployment technology:

Pricing and Availability
ActuateOne includes release 11 of Actuate’s value-added products for the BIRT open source project, including the latest release of BIRT iServer and two new options, BIRT 360 and BIRT Data Analyzer. ActuateOne will be ready to ship by the end of September and will be generally available in October, 2010. Pricing is available in Named User, Unlimited User CPU Core and flexible Work Unit models.

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To learn more about ActuateOne visit To get more detail on the new features in release 11 visit: or register for the upcoming web seminar titled ‘Game Changing BI: One Design, One Server, One User Experience’ by visiting

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