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Actuate Customer City of Dallas Puts Economic Stimulus Package Reports on Display

City of Dallas’ Award-Winning BIRT Performance Scorecard Solution Delivers Performance Information on Obama Administration Stimulus Package

San Mateo, July 13, 2010 – Actuate Corporation (NASDAQ: ACTU), the people behind BIRT®, today announced that the City of Dallas is using Actuate to publicly display the performance of its American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funded projects.  The reports, created using BIRT Performance Scorecard, formerly known as Performancesoft Views are part of an Actuate for Stimulus Management Solution which allows City of Dallas to track federal funds by delivering performance information that effectively communicates progress, results and outcomes of initiatives undertaken using ARRA funds on the City of Dallas website

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As the federal government developed the ARRA, better known as the Obama administration’s “Stimulus Package,” it specified reporting and transparency requirements. The City of Dallas, in an effort to meet these requirements, quickly realized that BIRT Performance Scorecard--which it utilizes to effectively track data for management purposes and help facilitate regulatory compliance standards--also addresses ARRA requirements for reporting transparency.  The City decided to use the software to publicly track and report on ARRA measures.

“With BIRT Performance Scorecard we are able to generate intuitive progress reports to present to the public that effectively measure the performance of the City’s ARRA-funded projects and grants,” said Jill Jordan, Assistant City Manager, City of Dallas.  “BIRT Performance Scorecard is our solution of choice because  it provides an integrated and flexible approach to performance management, includes a sophisticated platform for deploying rich, interactive content and analysis applications that scale to make the data readily available to the public.”

The City of Dallas has been recognized with the Ventana Research 2009 Leadership Award in the Governance, Risk and Compliance category for its BIRT Performance Scorecard solution.  With industry recognition and because Actuate Stimulus Management--a set of predefined templates for tracking ARRA funds--integrates seamlessly into BIRT Performance Scorecard, City of Dallas’ report developers quickly met the ARRA reporting requirements. 

“The Leadership Awards honor organizations of all sizes and industries from across the world that have distinguished themselves in their approach to improving their performance,” said Mark Smith, CEO and EVP Research, Ventana Research.  “The City of Dallas’ use of BIRT Performance Scorecard was one of the best nominations that we have seen; they should be congratulated for the superior work they have done to improve their operations and effectiveness for the City of Dallas.”

“We congratulate the City of Dallas on their successful tracking and reporting of ARRA funds as well as the recognition they have received from Ventana Research,” said Nobby Akiha, senior vice president, marketing, Actuate.  “We are very pleased to play a part in the City of Dallas’ success as they continue to innovate with Actuate and BIRT.  Through their efforts they have very effectively showcased how BIRT Performance Scorecard can be scaled both internally and externally.”


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