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BIRT Exchange Marketplace Adoption and Contributions Surge

Showcase for the Most Active Online BIRT Community Gains Momentum

San Mateo, Calif. – February 22, 2010 – Actuate Corporation (NASDAQ: ACTU), the people behind BIRT™, today announced that the BIRT Exchange Marketplace, an open software showcase on the most active online BIRT community, is making significant strides in adoption and contributions. The Marketplace is a destination where any organization or developer that has embraced BIRT can promote, share or sell BIRT-related applications, solutions and components. It has been in Beta since September of 2009 and is gaining momentum in terms of contributions, downloads and visitors.

The Marketplace is currently showcasing 44 applications of which 16 have been contributed outside of Actuate by individual BIRT community members and companies including Active Endpoints, Agile Consulting, InfobrightInnovent Solutions and Reporting House. To date, the Marketplace has received over 12,000 visitors and over 30,000 page views. There have been over 2,500 app downloads with Google Maps powered by BIRT currently the most popular to date.

The Marketplace is the latest development in Actuate’s unique, proven strategy to grow the market opportunity for BIRT by fuelling demand and increasing the supply of BIRT based solutions. As BIRT has continued to gain momentum and evolve its ecosystem, Actuate recognized that it was no longer the only company with a vested commercial interest in BIRT. It therefore created the Marketplace to leverage the BIRT community and partner network to extend BIRT business value for Actuate, its customers and for BIRT developers.

One company taking advantage of BIRT and the Marketplace is Active Endpoints, whose ActiveVOS BPMS includes integrated access to BIRT. By integrating BIRT into its BPMS, Active Endpoints has delivered a complete, all-in-one solution for creating and monitoring advanced process applications. It is able to deliver information and gain greater visibility into client businesses, and allows development teams to easily collaborate on the design of business processes that seamlessly mix human tasks with system processing and which contain integrated BIRT-based content.

"The BIRT Exchange Marketplace has proven to be a great platform for promoting our business process management system (BPMS) which uses BIRT to deliver greater visibility into business operations," said Alex Neihaus, vice president, marketing, Active Endpoints. "Making our apps available in the Marketplace has helped introduce a whole new set of prospects to what ActiveVOS BPMS can deliver for them with BIRT content. As an Actuate Global Partner Connection member we have been able to work closely with Actuate to develop best-practice implementations."

"We are excited by the positive results generated by the creation of the BIRT Exchange Marketplace. We’re seeing momentum building nicely during the Beta phase," said Nobby Akiha, senior vice president, marketing at Actuate. "Actuate is effectively monetizing open source by supporting the business interests as well as community and the technology interests around BIRT. The BIRT Exchange Marketplace is the latest step in Actuate galvanizing the BIRT ecosystem and fuelling BIRT’s ongoing momentum."

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