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Scheduling & Distribution

BIRT iHub allows end users to schedule their own BIRT report runs and lets administrators set schedules based on events, business rules and calendars.

BIRT Security

BIRT iHub provides hierarchal role-based security with multi-level access permissions enabling organizations to ensure that users access only the reports and data they are allowed to see. A security model can be implemented stand-alone within BIRT iHub or integrated with external directory services and single sign-on systems (SSO) in multiple ways.

Page Level Security

The only effective way to manage report scalability is through BIRT Page Level Security, a patented technology for accessing personalized report content without burdening the system with excess documents, queries or IT interference. BIRT Page Level Security generates a single-server document that includes security rules for each recipient and offers significant performance, security and maintenance advantages over report bursting techniques .

Alerts and Subscription Feeds

BIRT iHub provides a variety of ways to distribute and notify users about the availability of BIRT documents, reports and data updates.

Document Management

BIRT iHub contains BIRT report management features to manage multiple reports, multiple versions of reports and to support multiple report developers.

High Availability

In virtual deployments, availability of the environment is a key requirement. For example, both a hurricane and an earthquake hit the Washington DC area, home of Amazon Web Services’ Eastern Zone, in the same week! BIRT iHub insures your system will not go down no matter what the event, with features such as:

Usage Logging

Usage logging reports what is being used or not used and how often the iHub is used. With a SaaS implementation, monitoring usage patterns helps administrators plan for future requirements for increased capacity.