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 Embedded Reporting Software

Create Dynamic Reports and Interactive Web Applications


Whether you're someone looking for easy-to-use, secure, and cutting-edge embedded reporting software for your organization or a software developer searching for enterprise-level reporting tools for designing dynamic reports, stunning dashboards, and modern web applications, BIRT Designer Pro allows you to create and deliver highly tailored, interactive reports and analytics for all your users, both inside and outside the firewall.  By embedding data analytics directly in web 2.0 reports and applications, developers can go beyond static reporting and give their users multiple layers of exciting "animated" data to explore with touchscreen-responsive, clickable HTML5 gadgets, charts, and graphs that invite users to interact with (or drill down into) the data for deeper insights and better business decisions. 


BIRT Designer Pro reporting software includes tools for designing map reports
BIRT Designer professional reporting software includes
tools for designing map reports. 

With Actuate's professional reporting software, developers get extended functions for commercial use that go beyond the open source Eclipse BIRT Designer. Including scalable deployment options for web and mobile applications, Actuate's reporting software enables developers to embed interactive reports in commercial applications for data management, end user dashboards, and advanced analytics.

Actuate’s business reporting software tools are fully compatible with content developed with the Eclipse open source designer. For enterprise-level reporting, our professional report designer shares all the core functions of the open source sample designer and adds the following upgraded features for commercial developers:

  • Caching for creating interactive and analytic content

  • Hundreds of HTML5-powered charts

  • Gadgets and maps

  • Commercial Data Drivers

  • Metadata layer

  • Impact analysis

  • Cube design

Animated Visualizations, Gadgets, and Maps
  • Extensive HTML5 Charting Library adds dynamic and interactive graphing and charting capabilities

  • Includes over 200 geographic maps that can be color-coded and linked to underlying data

  • At-a-glance dashboard widgets: thermometers, gauges, spark lines, and bullet charts

  • Dashboard KPIs and widgets

Design a report with HTML5 Map Builder in BIRT iHub.
Reporting tools to design a map report with HTML5 Map Builder.
One-click project publishing to BIRT iHub or BIRT onDemand.
One-click project publishing to a server or cloud.
Content Publishing, Security, and Deployment
  • Easy one-click publishing to a server or cloud instantly delivers dashboards, ad hoc query templates, or mobile and interactive reports.

  • Page-level security offers significant performance, security, and maintenance advantages by ensuring that underlying core data for each report is never lost or compromised. Because developers can generate a single-server side document with security rules for each recipient, they can effectively manage the scalability of reports (i.e., developers can determine which tools are available for each user).

  • Simplified deployment and sharing of report design collections and templates with pre-built applications.

Data Modeling

The Data Modeler is a visual development perspective used to create metadata objects and data objects that set the appropriate data viewing parameters or controls for each business user interacting with content. The metadata objects created can pull in and integrate raw data—even big data—in real-time from multiple sources. The Data Modeler also defines how data sets are linked, cached, navigated, and aggregated prior to creating visualizations.

BIRT Data Models Within BIRT Data Objects.
Actuate's professional reporting software includes a data modeler
within data objects.
Administration services in BIRT iHub for data projects and applications.
Administration services for data projects and applications.
Easily Deploy Content to Cloud Servers

As a powerful and fast cloud server, BIRT iHub provides the following administrative services for data projects and applications:

  • Content scheduling and distribution

  • Document management

  • Usage logging

  • Alerts and subscriptions

  • Security

  • High availability

  • Multi-tenancy

  • Performance tuning

  • Elastic clustering

  • Portals that deliver interactive content, dashboards, and mobile content



BIRT Quick Start Guide

Click here to download our free BIRT Quick Start Guide. Use this reference book to accelerate your design and deployment of dynamic data visualizations, dashboards, and analytics.

Features of BIRT Designer Pro Reporting Software

Target User
  • Eclipse, Java, PHP, and report developers creating and maintaining reports and components with or without the Eclipse IDE

Component-Based Reusable Templates/Models
  • Create and use component libraries and design templates to reduce developing, maintaining, and coding each report by hand

Web 2.0 Reports & Data Visualizations
  • Common Web 2.0 Style Report and Data Visualization Platform

  • HTML Button support to facilitate client application integration

  • Auto-suggest parameter support

  • HTML5 Charts for interactive reporting

Eclipse Integration
  • Common open source Eclipse code base

  • Eclipse Java Debugger: Identifies Java-based script errors.

  • Eclipse Project Management Features: Organizes related reports, source code management via CVS

  • Eclipse-Based Tools: Accesses perspectives, project workspaces, and other development tools

Flexible Data Access & Handling
  • Common data access and handling features

  • Built-in drivers: SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Sybase, Informix, MySQL

  • Access reports as a data source

  • Metadata layer with information objects

  • Preserve the integrity of the original core data report: developers secure data access within a report by controlling the features available to users

Industry Standards-Based Programmability
  • Programmable control of report execution using JavaScript or Java

  • Java and Eclipse IDE capabilities to further control report layout, data access, data transformation and report rendering with Java programs

Designer Extensibility
  • Extensible data access to add custom methods, including runtime components for fetching data and user interface

  • Report Elements: Add custom items to existing palette of items

  • Output Format: Add emitter to output custom format

  • Charts and Graphs: Add custom formats into charting engine

  • Cheat Sheets: Add application-specific help

Actuate Extensions
  • Single-click Installer

  • Web viewer for unlimited deployment

  • Publish to BIRT iHub

Platform Support
  • Windows

  • Design helpers

  • Task-specific editors

  • Task-specific builders



BIRT: What You Need to Know Now - An Examination of Open Source and Commercial BIRT

Click here to download our easy-to-understand overview so you can see what is available under the BIRT open source license and what comes with Actuate's commercial offering.

BIRT Designer Pro allows easy and secure content publishing and deployment to BIRT iHub

Actuate BIRT iHub Launchpad Menu Options.
Actuate BIRT iHub Launchpad Menu Options

Actuate's embedded reporting software allows developers to scale their reports and commercial applications to an unlimited amount of users, catering to both users within the organization as well as to customers or clients outside the company's firewall.  With a single click, content can be securely published to BIRT iHub, making it instantly deployable to hundreds, thousands, or even millions of end users in the following formats:

  • Enterprise-integrated metadata.

  • Intelligently cached in-memory cubes and data sets.

  • Document-based data sources.

  • Interactive dashboard widgets and canvases.

  • Ad hoc report design templates for BIRT Studio.

  • Dynamic content with interactive viewing and crosstab editing

Reporting tools include crosstab editor to export content to other applications
Actuate's embedded reporting software includes a crosstab editor to export content to other applications.



Deploying BIRT:
Three Ways to Add BIRT Functionality into Your Project

Between Actuate's open source and commercial offerings, BIRT developers can choose from three different deployment alternatives, depending on the scale and functionality required. Click here to download the white paper today!