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Businesses today are forced to deal with a dizzying array of disparate corporate and departmental data sources, including relational databases, content repositories, email stores, and file servers.  Perhaps more than any other corporate data source, enterprise content management (ECM) repositories have felt the full force of these business challenges.  ECM repositories can store millions of statements, policies, images, and other content types.  They rely on metadata associated with the individual items for discovery, validation, storage, organization, retrieval, distribution, delivery and deletion.

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Given this abundance of content stored in multiple corporate archives, there are some very compelling reasons to migrate and consolidate:

  • Cost
    Reduce high annual maintenance charges, replicated user licensing charges for multiple ECM systems, and staffing with specific skill sets to manage proprietary systems

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
    Many organizations have between 6 to 25 disparate document archives acquired through mergers and acquisitions resulting in duplicate or overlapping systems

  • Positioning for future growth
    A growing client base will create increased volume, demand for enhanced functionality, and stress on existing ECM systems

  • Improved Customer Experience
    With documents stored in multiple ECM systems it is difficult to provide users with a single view of the truth

  • Regulatory Compliance
    Organizations must meet an increasing number of legal and governance requirements related to ECM such as Sarbanes-Oxley, BASEL II, MiFID, FSA and others

  • Increased Demand for Business Applications
    Organizations now rightly view ECM solutions as critical to enabling front office business applications.  Older systems do not provide the rich feature set required by modern business practices

  • ECM System Consolidation
    The ECM vendor market has consolidated and as a result the vendor options that were once available are now more limited.  Older ECM systems will become unsupported more rapidly, and mandatory upgrades to new versions will become commonplace, forcing users to move forward.

ECM Migration Diagram

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have made the strategic choice to move towards a single-vendor suite for the future
including 19% building around a completely new suite.*AIIM

Consolidate and Convert

Actuate enables organizations to consolidate multiple IDARS/ECM repositories and convert and normalize legacy content from many disparate formats.

Our migration methodology enables the capture, audit and control of information to preserve the chain of custody and ensure legal compliance.  We understand that effective management of both current and legacy archives is of primary importance in the ECM process.  Migration projects can be enormous in scale, but it is the uniqueness of archival content that makes these undertakings so complex.  By combining proven technology and methodology, BIRT iHub archive migrations can be automated to run lights out, 24/7.

Actuate ECM Migration
  • Discover
    Analyze the current ECM systems, the types of documents contained within them and how these documents are used by current business applications.

  • Extract
    Identify and select the most appropriate and efficient methods to extract content and the associated metadata from source ECM systems.

  • Transform
    Re-purpose and manipulate legacy content to meet current business requirements.

  • Audit
    Audit and report throughout the process - ensuring accountability, tracking and content chain of custody.

  • Index
    Create additional indexes for improved searchability and performance.

  • Load
    Ingest documents, metadata and resources into the target ECM system.


Actuate ECM Migration reduces costs by eliminating older or obsolete archives and repositories.  With BIRT iHub, organizations can streamline their operations, improve access to information, simplify compliance and manage their total cost of ownership.

Legacy Archive Diagram

Keep enterprise costs under control
Data and application consolidation dramatically reduce silos, leading to fewer storage and hardware requirements, eliminating site or seat licenses, and reducing maintenance, training and support expenses.  In addition, organizations can run processes 24/7 until completed, unsupervised andkeep pace with business and technical requirements in anticipation of growth in customer volume.

Improve customer service through easier access to historical information
Provide legacy content in alternative formats using modern methods of delivery (e.g., online presentment, mobile tablet). Also, because content is re-indexed during migration, it is easier to find additional metadata and add greater value and accessibility to archived content.

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Customer Successes

  • Migrated 80 Terabytes from five instances of Mobius to IBM Content Manager OnDemand (CMOD)

  • Migrated 1.4 Billion documents from IBM CMOD (Mainframe and multiplatform) and Global 360 to CMOD for multiplatform and IBM FileNet P8

  • Migrated CA SAR to FileNet Image Services

  • Migrated 1 Terabyte of documents from CMOD for z/OS to Mobius View Direct while transforming from PDF to AFP and performing document storage reduction, resulting in a 73% reduction in storage

  • Migrated 20 Terabytes of documents from Mobius to Oracle Content DB

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Actuate solutions allow Telecommunications Giant to offer online access to telephone bills
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Actuate ECM Migration assists Global Financial Services Organization in accessing key bankruptcy documents from Mobius archives
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Brokerage migrates data to IBM Content Manager On Demand using Actuate Enterprise Content Management Migration solution
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Following an acquisition, Actuate Document Transform ensures the safe and secure migration of a Bank's customer data
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