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Document Composition technology enables large organizations to rapidly design and produce all forms of customer communications, including statements, invoices, bills, and other high-volume material.

With Actuate Document Composition, customers can rest assured that their solution is engineered for the modern enterprise, extending well beyond the traditional print-only CCM paradigm.

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BIRT iHub for Composition

  • Create compelling customer communications for multiple channels

  • Leverage raw data from a variety of sources to create targeted and personalized customer communications for both interactive and traditional print delivery.

Uniquely, BIRT for Composition addresses the creation and delivery of electronic content delivery first, while maintaining document printability from a single design.


Definable Templates
Through the use of definable templates to define page layout and implement business logic and , organizations can quickly create customer communications with any and all brand elements, display variable customer data aggregated from any source and personalize marketing messages.  Applying advanced analytics allows for  dynamically created targeted communications for different customers and customer segments.



  • Easily add customer specific promotional messaging or marketing messages targeted by segment or even  at the individual

  • Use a single platform to create dynamic communications for web, electronic and print channels

  • Perform complex application business logic Using non-proprietary scripting at all levels to execute during composition, via standard JavaScript language

  • Build document automation solutions using Content Services Process Manager streamlining enterprise document processing, production and fulfillment with unparalleled performance

  • Create accessible customer communications for the reading disabled by generating accessible PDF documents

  • Leverage a large community of over two million BIRT developers

  • Provide the availability of online resources including forums and discussion groups.

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Business Overview

Actuate document composition solutions are engineered for the modern enterprise

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