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The effectiveness of an organization’s customer communications strategy depends on their ability to retrieve and organize relevant information.
Transacting business electronically is a requirement – and it is harder than ever due to the wide diversity of communications protocols, data types and data formats used in back-office systems and by partners. Data is typically stored in a variety of highly complex, independent systems isolated from each other by function, department and/or physical location, making consolidated Data Access a significant challenge.

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Organizations seek Data Access
and Transformation solutions that:

  • Optimize operational efficiency by enabling real-time, high volume exchange of structured and semi-structured data between disparate, incompatible back-office business applications

  • Increase agility to rapidly adapt to changing compliance and standards requirements for business information exchange

  • Minimize compliance risk, lower the total cost of ownership, improve productivity and reduce cycle time by eliminating error-prone manual processes with automated, real-time data interchange

  • Enhance customer experience by making information available where, when and how it is needed by staff, customers and trading partners.

Data Access helps organizations overcome information challenges so they can retrieve and organize data from various independent systems to leverage it for document composition and analytics.

Do More with Your Data



Convert data to current formats required by downstream business applications



Apply functions to individual elements such as dates and currencies



Ensure that each field contains valid content



Make inteligent, real-time decisions on where to route data according to business rules

BIRT iHub for CCM helps organizations:

  • Satisfy regulatory requirements

  • Build more detailed customer profiles

  • Improve customer experience

  • Identify important trends.

  • Reduce the number of supported systems

  • Eliminate hard-to-maintain custom software applications

  • Enjoy speed and performance advantages

  • Standardize on a proven vendor for solution delivery and support.

Product Details

Data Transform

High volume structured data transformation engine.

Process Manager

Content processing engine that captures, identifies, routes, stores and delivers structured and unstructured documents and data.

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Archived Documents as a Source for Predictive Analytics

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Customer Success

Actuate solutions allow Telecommunications giant to offer online access to telephone bills

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Customer Success

Making Healthcare more efficient with the help of Actuate solutions

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