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Doing business electronically is often hampered by the diversity of communications protocols, data types, and data formats used by back-office systems and business partners. Direct database-driven approaches to data transformation are difficult to develop, cumbersome to implement, complex to maintain and expensive to modify as partners, protocols, business needs or back-office applications change.

Data Transform provides data migration and transformation to:

  • Optimize the operational efficiency of enterprise information by enabling real-time, high volume exchange of structured and semi-structured data between disparate, incompatible back-office business applications and processes, without manual coding

  • Increase agility to rapidly adapt to changing compliance and standards requirements for business information exchange

  • Minimize compliance risk, lower the total cost of ownership, improve productivity and reduce cycle time by eliminating error-prone manual processes with automated, real-time data interchange

  • Enhance customer experience by making information available where, when and how it is needed by staff, customers and trading partners

  • Re-purpose structured data for straight through processing between disparate back-office systems.

Features and Benefits

Data Transform puts organizations in control of their data, providing real-time back-office integration for straight-through processing between disparate business applications and partners.

Data Transform features:

  • A patented high-speed transformation engine

  • Structured and semi-structured data transformation and mapping

  • Off-standard EDI messages processing, and support for non-EDI formats and relational databases without the need for programming

  • Specialized business logic during the data transformation process through over 100 built- in functions

  • A graphical mapping interface to easily map source formats to target formats

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