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Customer Analytics

BIRT Analytics takes massive, multi-source data, analyzes it and turns it into clear, visual information at the level of granularity you need. As a result, customer needs and wants become clear, and segmentation improves, so you sell the right products and services to the right people.

Data discovery and mining tools drill into customer data to identify patterns and hidden relationships, profile top buyers, forecast trends and profits and improve your overall customer relationship strategy.

This is true predictive analytics about how your customers will behave. So you can identify more cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, prevent churn, find high value customers and get the most out of your marketing efforts.

"This product meets a need that we see evolving. We already have good BI, but we want to be able to intuitively drive analysis of client behavior and product performance. The insights BIRT Analytics can give us into who is likely to do what, when and where, will enable a massive improvement in both our product development and the quality of advice we can give our clients. It will also increase the effectiveness of our decision making."
Steve Hemsworth, Managing Director, (eCommerce / Travel & Hospitality)

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Customer Analytics: Turn Big Data into Big Value
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Big Data Predictive Analytics

BIRT Analytics is the only Big Data analytics solution that turns smart business users into predictive analytic talent. This is DIY data science. The self-service model eliminates the need for the massive investment, months of training and team of experts that most predictive solutions require.

Advanced predictive techniques – like regression, classification, decision trees, time series models and association rules – are performed effortlessly with drag-and-drop tools that turn seemingly unrelated data into clear business-driving groupings, patterns and ultimately insight.

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Thinking Small: Bringing the Power of Big Data to the Masses
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TDWI Best Practices Report | Predictive Analytics for Business Advantage
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Forrester - Predictive Analytics: A Critical Capability Gaining Momentum Within Asia Pacific
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Predictions on Big Data
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Salesforce Analytics

Analyze CRM patterns in seconds for intelligent pipeline management

Your CRM system is a treasure chest of customer insight, and now you have the key that unlocks it: advanced, predictive easy-to-use analytics tools so you can accurately predict sales volumes, identify sure wins before the competition, uncover new markets and target those customers most likely to buy.

Salesforce + BIRT Analytics = $

Pointing analytics at CRM delivers deeper customer insight that helps you target your sales and marketing efforts towards your highest potential revenue-generating accounts. BIRT Analytics multiplies the value of your Salesforce data by enabling you to:

  • Forecast Revenue: Get an accurate window into sales numbers to better manage resources
  • Identify Wins: Feed those accounts most likely to be closed/ won
  • Audit Your Data: Simplify work and speed the sales pipeline
  • Segment Smarter: Target high-value accounts and find key decision-makers
"BIRT Analytics offers mid-sized companies a product previously unavailable to them at this price and with this level of technology."
Fedor Matveev, Partner at Advanced AnalytiX (Partner)

"Advanced and predictive analytics solutions that deliver unprecedented usability, aimed at business users with limited technical skills who demand real-time, self-service data mining″.
Faustino Rivero, Sales Director, Brújula (Partner)

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