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Analytics software is one of the most important business intelligence (BI) tools for any organization in today’s data-driven world. As data is collected at exponentially growing rates every day, companies require powerful business analytics products strong enough to process Big Data or massive amounts of raw information. Imagine being able to tap into those enormous volumes of data to engage in all kinds of analytics—from customer analytics to marketing analytics to financial analytics to sales force analytics and more—with one big data analytics software solution. BIRT is non-market specific, which makes it extremely versatile in its application across any industry for any kind of data—especially Big Data—and for every kind of analytics imaginable. Analyzing Big Data can be one of the toughest challenges for companies, not only because of its sheer size, but also because it amasses from a variety of sources in multiple formats. Actuate provides businesses solutions that turn Big Data into smart visualizations, allowing any user to channel those insights to make better-informed decisions. Built for exploring millions of records at a time from numerous sources, BIRT Analytics software is a whopping fifty times faster than other big data analytics solutions out there at only a fraction of their costs.

Analytics Software Built for Big Data

Visual Data Mining Tools for Business Analysts

Advanced visual analysis of big data for anyone in your organization.
Discover your data stories instantly with BIRT Analytics.

Behind Big Data are hidden stories...

Visualize your data stories with BIRT and actualize Big Data analytics.

What stories will your data reveal?

Big Data by itself is meaningless without the right analytics software to access and present it in an optimal format that people can actually comprehend and analyze. Displaying statistical data in images or visual forms like graphs, diagrams, decision trees, charts, and tables enables anyone to see buried details and histories behind even the most convoluted and large data sets.
Actuate demystifies the data discovery process by providing real-time visual data mining tools for non-technical business users. With BIRT Analytics, the complicated task of data mining is transformed into a much simpler and time-efficient process: it’s as easy as drag and drop! As a tool for predictive analytics, visual data mining allows business users to dig through their unseen caves of stored information to discover data
gems—patterns, trends, correlations, and anomalies—in order to make more accurate predictions, forecast opportunities, and generate strategies for long-term stability and success.
Visual data mining displays information in a decision tree for better predictive analytics.
Visual data mining displays information in a decision tree
for better predictive analytics.
BIRT Analytics software builds data visualizations to help forecast opportunities.
BIRT Analytics software builds data visualizations to help forecast opportunities.
Actuate’s business intelligence (BI) tools make Big Data analytics an everyday reality by giving business users the ability to touch millions of records themselves and extract concealed narratives or insights quickly and easily. BIRT Analytics lets anyone thoroughly explore huge trails of data—petabytes of information from personally selected sources—and analyze the findings without IT help.
To get the most value out of your organization’s vast data collections, everyone on your team should be able to interact with and assess all your business information. Actuate's visual data mining tools are so user-friendly that virtually anyone can excavate data fields self-sufficiently to uncover the history of Big Data. With the ability to examine colossal archives of data and compare and contrast information the way you want to, you can better understand future possibilities, spot weaknesses at the root causes, and take preventative actions to stay ahead of competitors. By simply dragging and dropping files in an Excel-like environment, users can present complex data sets in the form of instantly generated visual illustrations, making it easier to spot answers to their questions. Instead of sifting through piles of spreadsheets, reports, and stacks of files to evaluate your business operations, you can save time, money, and company-wide resources by using Actuate’s self-service visual data mining tools.
Track annual revenue by geolocation in a map visualization with BIRT Analytics.
Track annual revenue by geolocation in a map visualization with BIRT Analytics.
With BIRT, you are the storyteller—the data excavator searching for facts to learn more about your company. Let Actuate’s business analytics software help define all the unspoken narrative layers in your repositories of Big Data for personalized insights that will keep your organization prepared for the future.


Social Media Analytics for Clear Social Insights

Social media analytics has become critical to understanding your customer base, gaining customer insights, and getting a general feel for public trends, opinions, or sentiments. As the Internet provides a platform for infinite sharing of information, people generally trust things—websites, articles, products, companies, events, or services—that are liked or recommended by people they know (or even by people they don’t know, just as long as there are a lot of people raving about those things). The more something is liked, shared, or tweeted in cyberspace through social media platforms, the more attention that thing gets, the more popular it becomes and the more value it gains. As people vouch for things, it creates a sense of security, validating a reason for other people to try them out as well. In this way, social media literally has the power to add value to things, which means that the data generated from social sharing is, in fact, a new important source of business intelligence for organizations that want to stay in the loop.
BIRT Analytics displays social media data from Twitter in graphical data visualizations.
Social media analytics presented in a Twitter dashboard with graphical data visualizations.
Did you know?

The U.S. Library of Congress archives every tweet for historical purposes. That’s some serious Big Data!

58 million = the estimated average number of Twitter tweets per day.

5 = the number of days it takes for 1 billion tweets to be tweeted.

By the time you finish reading this sentence, over 9,100 tweets will have already been tweeted.

What will your next tweet be?
More and more companies are leveraging social media analytics as a means to monitor and improve customer relations, increase brand loyalty, and understand customer experience better. Not only that, but the data from social media provides unsolicited, raw customer knowledge for any company seeking to hear what the public wants, likes, or dislikes. All those valuable statistics are flooding the Web waiting to be unlocked and studied! So, how do you pull data from social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ in order to track the impact on your organization? While accessing those large streams of social media data to evaluate them effectively is often difficult, with BIRT Analytics you can easily channel those pools of information and create dashboard visualizations for at-a-glance updates about your Twitter followers, Facebook fans, or Google+ circles. Actuate’s business analytics software gives your organization the ability to stay in tune with social media feedback and analyze it to refine strategies, targeted campaigns, and products or services.

Predictive Analytics Software Turns Technical Obstacles into Advantages

Business analytics decision tree diagram for predictive analysis and quicker business insights

Make better business decisions in less time

Users with no statistical background can run predictive analytics:

  • Identify patterns, trends, and threats.
  • Predict outcomes.
  • Anticipate the unexpected.
  • Make fact-based decisions.
BIRT Analytics data visualization of bar chart segmenting customer information by age.

Gain competitive advantage with a global customer view

  • Easy integration of massive, heterogeneous data sources.
  • Help drive strategies based on comprehensive customer knowledge.
  • Transaction tracking.
  • Effective customer relationship management (CRM).
  • Social networking profile information.
Streamline Big Data Analytics

Improve business processes with self-service analytics

Direct access to easy-to-use advanced and predictive analytics:

  • Integrated process automation.
  • Event execution and scheduling into a seamless loop from data cleansing to analysis to results distribution.
Minimize Risk, Maximize Security

Minimize Risk

Maximum security:

  • Keep your corporate assets safe.
  • Maintain strict data protection.
  • Implement secure data access protocols.
  • Establish solid permission policies.
  • Enable complete data separation.

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Visual data mining for non-technical users gives businesspeople the ability to process and analyze big data independently and effectively.

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Streamline the data life cycle time from analysis to actuating insight-driven decisions.

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