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Big Data Analytics for the Business Analyst

Fast, free-form, advanced analytics made easy. No data scientist required!

  • All Your Data in a Single View
    Easy and fast integration of large, heterogeneous data
  • Instant Response Times against Big Data
    High performance with real big data analyzing hundreds of tables, billions of records
  • Visual Interface designed for Exploration
    From data to advanced insights in minutes in a one-step approach
  • No data scientist or statisticians are required
    No cubes, No SQL, No need for data pre-processing, modeling or coding
  • Popular Algorithms to expose Business Insights
    Enable users with no statistical background to run deep, analytics with pre-built algorithms such as decision trees, association rules, profiling and segmentation, Venn diagrams and more
BIRT Analytics: Global Process

BIRT Analytics is the first analytic tool to use ALL data, organized in a columnar database and apply prebuilt analytic algorithms with a visual interface
to provide valuable insights for the business analyst to make strategic decisions instantaneously

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The Triple BIRT Analytics Advantage

Fastest Analytical Data Engine on the Market

BIRT Analytics' FastDB engine loads at an unrivalled speed. It works seamlessly with Linux and Windows and the 64-bit engine allows for virtually unlimited RAM capacity. BIRT Analytics runs on a lightweight server, exploring up to 6 billion records in less than a second and performing advanced analytics on a million records in under a minute.

The BIRT Analytics engine is powered by a web-based visual ETL reading nearly every data source. The ETL process improves visibility and transparency for technicians and unburdens the IT teams from time-consuming data loading, extraction and transformation. BIRT Analytics minimizes IT efforts and speeds up time to analysis across organizations, getting the most value out of their data and using it to achieve business goals in less time.

Best Performance on Big Volumes of Data

Time to value is everything when analyzing millions, or even billions of transactions. BIRT Analytics is the only solution that allows for effective analysis of massive volumes of data almost instantaneously. It integrates data from different sources by unifying multiple formats without the need for cubes, metadata or aggregates.

Users get access to data in full granularity for maximum analytical flexibility in the shortest amount of time. BIRT Analytics minimizes IT strain and, improves IT service quality by making large volumes of data manageable and easy to analyze, and turning it into an effective strategy.

Most Cost-Efficient and Time Saving

BIRT Analytics saves organizations money. It's 50 times faster than any other business analytics solution at a fraction of the cost. It cuts spend in half by reducing infrastructure costs, freeing up IT resources, lowering costs associated with renewals and maintenance and eliminating pre-processing and OLAP maintenance costs altogether.

End-users work autonomously performing ad hoc analyses with easy-to-use, web-based analytical tools. No dependence on IT is required. It's extremely easy to implement and requires minimal training in order to get teams up and running in weeks and cutting the high costs of traditional implementations.

Why Customers Choose BIRT Analytics?

When talking about getting value out of data, whether organizations are doing Operational Analytics - to reduce costs, optimize business, or gain efficiency- or Marketing Analytics – to improve customer acquisition, engagement or retention, the vast offering in the market can be overwhelming.

The Challenge

There are a number of capable traditional BI and reporting tools that manage large volumes of data but with the high maintenance costs, they are not flexible enough to provide business executives with the insights needed when they need it.

Visualization tools are readily available and very easy to use for business users. However, the challenge is most visualization tools only allow descriptive analytics, showing what has happened in the past and limited to the amounts of data it can handle, in other words, difficult to analyze big data.

Data mining and statistical analysis is the third set of tools business need to bring the valuable insights to business users for effective and real-time decision making. Most of the tools in the market are not easy to use and require highly qualified and expensive data science experts to mine the data.

BIRT Analytics - Forecast
BIRT Analytics - Forecast

BIRT Analytics embraces the best of all three categories and empowers business users to predict and mine big data, visualize the results in a meaningful manner and make business decisions instantly without the expertise of a data scientist.

BIRT Analytics delivers sophisticated big data analytics that combines ease-of-use, analytic horsepower and the ability to quickly process large heterogeneous data volumes.

It helps companies get the most value from large amounts of data in the shortest time, turning obstacles like resource scarcity and big data integration complexities into business benefits:

  • Make better business decisions quickly
    Users without a statistical background can run deep analytics, identify patterns, trends and threats, predict outcomes, anticipate the unexpected and make fact-based decisions
  • Gain competitive advantages with a 360º global customer view
    Easy integration of massive, heterogeneous data sources, including transactional data, CRM systems, web, and social media, to help drive effective strategies based on comprehensive customer knowledge
  • Improve processes with self-service analytics
    Direct access to easy-to-use advanced and predictive analytics that integrates process automation, event execution and scheduling into a seamless loop, from data cleansing to analysis to results distribution
  • Get immediate payback on investment
    Fast implementation, minimal training, easy deployment and low hardware requirements. Cuts BI infrastructure and maintenance costs and minimizes data analysis-related IT workload
  • Minimize risk
    Maximum security, strict data protection, secure data access protocols and permission policies

Existing BIRT Analytics Customers

With more than 10 years of closely building a relationship with our customers, we now have a detailed knowledge of their business analytical needs as well as a wide view of their similarities.

  • They need to integrate isolated data from multiple data sources
  • They need to work with large data volumes (from hundreds to tens of billions of records of structured data)
  • Competitive Markets: They need to react quickly to business changing needs and obtain competitive advantages with better insights
  • They want to improve business performance
  • They have existing BI tools: BIRT Analytics augments the portfolio of tools instead of replacing them

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