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Life Science and Pharma

Pharmaceutical and life sciences companies enhance operations and
align strategy by improving access and analysis of information

Pharma is at a crossroads. Changes in technology, legislation, and medical and drug dispensary processes are forcing research organizations to reevaluate R&D and go-to-market models that have been in place for years. Traditionally, drug discovery has been a game of high risk and high reward. But today the risk coefficient is increasing, while the rewards are getting squeezed by new competition from emerging markets and by the sheer scale of consolidated competitors.

The strategic use of data is the key to survival. It is critical that pharma and life science leaders look to their data to find efficiencies and new market opportunities.

The BIRT iHub platform helps pharmaceutical companies shorten discovery cycle times, increase performance and improve efficiency. With BIRT, life sciences organizations can access critical operational data in order to reassess priorities, effectively allocate resources, develop cross-departmental synergies and streamline R&D processes to ensure regulatory submissions meet standards.

Actuate solutions for the life sciences industry encompass personalized dashboards and scorecards, interactive reports and predictive analytics, and include:

  • Product lifecycle management
  • Clinical data management
  • Clinical trial budget monitoring
  • Drug pipeline tracking

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