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Actuate Gives Educators and their Students a Head Start

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Understand program, student and faculty data for continuous improvement of educational strategy and services

The education sector faces two main challenges: managing scarce resources as effectively as possible, and promoting high quality teaching. Because we are all vested stakeholders, there is more onus on educators than ever to facilitate communication and increase accountability, particularly when it comes to academic performance and comparatives.

Make Educated Decisions...

Actuate BIRT unlocks information silos to deliver a comprehensive view of student and faculty data so teachers and administrators make better decisions. Our personalized analytics solutions uncover insights into program costs, human resources and student performance allowing any user to set and investigate critical metrics and seamlessly drill to the underlying data that colors their performance.

Using data mining and predictive analysis techniques, BIRT Analytics offers an holistic view of how the institution and the teaching models it employs function, classifying students by parameter and as individuals, including tracking how their performance evolves.

Educators who use Actuate BIRT:

  • Reduce costs by giving students online, secure access to their own information such as curriculum, attendance, programs and performance

  • Leverage business intelligence and predictive analytic capabilities to discover trends and anomalies and analyze key processes

  • Can integrate data from multiple internal and external student management and financial systems, databases, enrolment and benefit systems

  • Monitor student headcount and performance, school reputation, and compliance with national programs, endowment and other custom KPIs

  • Launch improvement initiatives and track their impact

  • Uses dynamic scorecard strategy maps to demonstrate links between programs and overall strategy

  • Create and automate targeted student and faculty communications and strategies

  • Demonstrate performance improvements to legislators

  • Enjoy foresight into the recruitment, development and retention of new talent

  • Generate board reports for local, state and federal requirements such as NCLB (No Child Left Behind) and CORE

  • Optimize performance by extending best practices throughout the institution

American University of Beirut
Riverside County Office Of Education
Northwest Evaluation Association
Agence Pour l'Enseignement Français à l 'étranger AEFE
Indiana University

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Case Study

BIRT and Actuate Empower Public Agency with Improved Insight Over Education Abroad
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Case Study

With BIRT, students at Indiana University can query eTranscript Reporting Dashboard for records, balance and customize reports for easier usability
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Case Study

BIRT, visualization help drive innovative thinking and improved accountability at Dubai Carmel School
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