Distance Learning - Beyond Open Source: Using Actuate BIRT

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Developers and Managers

Working with BIRT Report Designer

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Distance Learning is the web-based delivery vehicle for Actuate technical training.
In our Distance Learning classes, students remotely attend our regional classes. Distance Learning students will see and hear the instructor's presentations, participate in class discussions and can share their desktops with the instructor when needed. Students receive the course materials and instructions on how to join the web session the week before the class start date.

Actuate BIRT Report Designer Professional has the same code base as open source BIRT so it provides the same core features and benefits as the open source version plus newly developed functionality such as using Flash in your reports.

Students learn to add interactive charts to reports using Flash Chart. Using Flash Gadget, students learn techniques for adding flair to reports typically seen on web dashboards. Students learn how to enhance the presentation of their own data using BIRT Flash Objects from an Actuate library, or using any Flash file. Students learn how to use Actuate Page Level Security, which controls user access to a report on a page-by-page basis in iServer or iServer Express. In addition to creating reports, students will publish a variety of reports and their associated resources, to the iServer Encyclopedia.

This highly interactive, instructor-led class provides many opportunities for students to ask questions, explore new areas, and receive help from the instructor as they work through the exercises.

Each student receives a workbook, which contains the exercises students complete in class. Students receive the book, Actuate BIRT.


  • Using Flash gadgets
  • Using Flash charts
  • Using Flash object library
  • Using HTML buttons
  • Using Page Level Security
  • Publishing BIRT reports to iServer
  • Customizing BIRT reports in Actuate Interactive Viewer
  • Using Information Objects in BIRT reports
  • Using Interactive Viewer