Using the BIRT Integration APIs

Who Should Attend?
Developers and Project Mangers

Students must be experienced Java programmers with practical understanding of the BIRT Report Designer and Eclipse IDE.

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Course Description

Course Length: 2 Days

Course Description: This advanced hands-on class teaches experienced developers to build and deploy applications rapidly using BIRT scripting and BIRT Java APIs in an Eclipse-based development environment.

Each student receives a workbook, which contains all the exercises students will complete in class. Students also receive BIRT: A Field Guide to Reporting, the book published by Addison-Wesley.


  • Writing JavaScript Event Handlers in BIRT reports
  • Developing reports with Scripted Data Sources
  • Writing and debugging reports with Java Event Handlers
  • Creating report documents, running and rendering reports in HTML and PDF using Report Engine API
  • Extracting data from BIRT reports using Report Engine API
  • Obtaining report parameter definitions using Report Engine API
  • Creating BIRT reports using Design Engine API
  • Modifying BIRT reports using Design Engine API
  • Modifying BIRT reports using Design Engine API
  • Adding computed columns to BIRT report designs using Design Engine API
  • Creating and rendering charts using Chart Engine API