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There are a variety of data processing services available within iHub to integrate disparate data and prepare it for any analytic purpose.

Data integration is extremely flexible and non-prescriptive. The software does not dictate how an organization chooses to integrate its data; the platform simply facilitates it. Unlike other platforms, all of the features below can be selectively used and deployed as needed.

BIRT Designer Professional

BIRT Designer Professional lets developers connect directly to multiple data sources within a design. This is the most expeditious way to access any data, from simple to complex sources.

Open Data Access (ODA)

Open Data Access (ODA) BIRT and BIRT iHub use the Eclipse Open Data Access framework for accessing data. Actuate offers a number of commercially supported ODA connectors within BIRT iHub. These include:

BIRT Information Objects Metadata

BIRT Information Objects metadata allow developers to virtually federate and simplify corporate data structures hierarchically. This is useful when data sources are accessed on a regular basis by many users, departments or ad-hoc query users in order to centralize management, ease access and secure information.

BIRT Data Objects

BIRT Data Objects are in-memory datasets constructed from disparate enterprise data sources, including directly accessed assets and/or metadata. These multidimensional datasets are generated and stored by BIRT iHub and can be used for a variety of self-service functions including cross-tab powered analysis, dimensional drill-through in dashboards or as cached aggregate data for predictive analytics.

Content Services

Content Services offers document parsing and transformation services able to access document archives or statement print-streams to transform that semi-structured content into usable data.

BIRT Analytics

BIRT Analytics result sets can be directly accessed via any of the iHub data processing services to allow visualization and communication of analytic results such as forecasts, customer segments or campaigns.

Metrics Management Engine

Metrics Management Engine powers the KPI data within many BIRT metrics management gadgets, including the briefing book
and KPI hierarchy viewer.