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Information-at-a-glance and ready to explore

BIRT iHub hosts a variety of dashboard types that provide visual data exploration and on-the-fly analytic capabilities via filters and slicer gadgets. BIRT Dashboards allow any user to interact with or drill down on data and individual KPIs, to answer complex business questions.

Multiple dashboard types

Better Decisions Less Time

Strategic dashboards give executives visibility into top-level goals and objectives

Competitive Advantage

Operational dashboards help users understand and track performance trends

Streamline with Self-Service Analytics

Tactical dashboards allow managers to analyze and optimize business processes

Minimize Risk

Customer dashboards reflect the virtues and values of the corporate brand

Dashboard Functionality
  • Drill-down/up analysis capabilities as well as crosstab support
  • Explore, find correlations, perform set analysis, profile and segment customers, in a highly visual drag-and-drop environment
  • Print support, which allows business users to print snapshots of their dashboards and collaborate with other users
Metrics Management Options
  • Advanced pre-built KPI visualizations include: scorecards, strategy maps, cause and effect maps, briefing books and hierarchical KPI views
  • High performance, in-memory calculation engine to measure KPI performance and define business rules
  • Enhanced collaborative capabilities for effective management of initiatives and communication of qualitative information related to organizational performance