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Ad-hoc reporting and content creation is a requirement that many organizations find out of reach. Most content, such as reports, must go through the lengthy process of request-build-test-deploy-modify-test-deploy—and often have to repeat the entire process multiple times before an end user finally receives the report they need. Ultimately, users seek their own, self service solutions.

BIRT Studio is an ad-hoc web reporting tool for business users. With BIRT Studio, users can access pre-existing report templates created by IT and populate new reports with pre-existing data sources and more. A full array of report creation and formatting tools allows BIRT Studio users to import just the information they need into a report, and then save that report, return to it later, or share it with other users.

BIRT Studio gives business users everything they need to create compelling reports on their own, without IT intervention but within IT control.