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Founded and co-led by Actuate, the open source version of Eclipse BIRT is used by over 3 million software developers. BIRT Designers epitomizes the ideal development environment for combining data from multiple data sources into compelling graphical visualizations for personalized analytics, reports, and dashboards. We have a solution for all your information development needs:

BIRT Designer

World-Class Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Chart generation: integrate data easily with BIRT Designer Desktop Applications.

Multi-Source Data Integration

Easily integrate data from multiple data sources within an information application design. Data sources include Apache Hadoop and other big data sources, along with all traditional Relational Databases, Flat Files, and XML Data Streams.

Flexible Design and Presentation

The BIRT Designer IDE is intuitive and user-friendly with a simple, drag-and-drop interface.

Embed Within Your Applications

Intended for embedding, BIRT includes a very powerful API for data access, chart generation, and output formats. This feature also facilitates content execution and placement within larger applications.

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BIRT Designer Pro

Professional IDE for Customer-Facing and Business Intelligence Applications

Create impressive dashboards with BIRT Designer Pro business intelligence applications.

BIRT Designer Pro is the ideal development platform for building expressive charts integrated with JavaScript and hundreds of HTML5 visualizations. Powerful data integration and caching technology enable BIRT developers to create the most amazing, visually-engaging customer-facing and business intelligence applications and dashboards imaginable.

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BIRT Studio

Ad Hoc Web Reporting Application

BIRT Studio is an ad hoc web reporting application for business users. With BIRT Studio, users can access pre-existing report templates and populate new reports with pre-selected data sources and more. Equipped with a full array of report creation and formatting tools, BIRT Studio users enjoy the convenience of being able to import data easily into reports, save them, return at a later time to modify them, and share them with others.

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