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If you are committed to transforming application development, business analytics or Customer Communications Management, and if your company is always pushing the boundaries of innovation in areas such as Big Data, mobile and cloud computing, we’ll get along just fine.

Actuate, The BIRT Company™, provides easy access to virtually any structured or unstructured data. Our application development and user analytic tools built on BIRT provide the framework to produce stunning visualizations in dashboards, end user friendly ad-hoc interactive reports, customer-facing analytics applications, customer communications management, and more. Actuate's end-to-end solutions can tackle any big data dilemma, enabling IT to tap into and combine any data source with another, producing the kind of information applications today’s users have come to expect, including delivery of big data on little touch devices.

if your technology supports the Big Data infrastructure stack, or if yourcustomers would benefit from deeper and better insight into the BigData stores, please contact William Fu: +65 6887 3777;