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BIRT has seen a tremendous amount of momentum, with over 12 million downloads in just the last few years, and an estimated 3 million strong developer base. The widespread use of BIRT has created new business opportunities for independent software vendors, systems integrators, consultants, technology providers and resellers.

If you would like to expand your revenue stream by tapping into the business opportunities afforded by the broad adoption of BIRT, you have come to the right place.

Our partners combine Actuate's industry-leading scalable iHub platform, BIRT, with enterprise-wide deployments when necessary, to help our joint customers deliver personalized analytics and insights to all users.

Partner Programs

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Our OEM partner program is designed for software and hardware vendors to leverage Actuate’s BIRT-based products, such as our embeddable Java reporting components.
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BIRT Global Partner Connections

The BIRT Global Partner Connection (GPC) provides partners who are ISVs, resellers, systems integrators and consultants, or technology providers with resources and support to ensure their success using BIRT. This elite group of partners rapidly develops custom, BIRT-based applications for the thousands of organizations already using BIRT, as well as those who are ready to deploy business analytics for their applications.
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BIRT Customer Communications Management

These are a specialized group of partner organizations - including software vendors and resellers - that leverage BIRT Content Services to help our top-tier customers in Financial Services, Insurance and Telecommunications to design, process, store and deliver high-volume content, such as statements, policies, and bills.
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Actuate Certified Training and Consulting Partners

Actuate's Consulting and Training Partners work closely with the Actuate Learning Center, Actuate Professional Services, and Customer Support teams to stay up-to-date and become certified with relevant product and industry information. The shared investment we make in our Partners in training and their continued education result in their increased productivity and effectiveness when delivering Actuate technology to customers.
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