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BIRT Analytics maximizes the value of your data, improves your business analysis practices and ensures your efforts deliver insight to inform your strategy and keep your company ahead of the game.

How? With the:

  • Fastest Data Engine
  • Best Performance on Big Data
  • Highest efficiency and effectiveness

on the market. Superlatives? Yes. And we invite challengers.

“Before BIRT Analytics, extracting and analyzing information used to take a considerable amount of our technical experts’ time - and as a consequence we were not providing the appropriate service. Now with BIRT Analytics, we have provided more user autonomy and thus reduced the work overload of IT.”
Francisco J. Margarite, CIO, Inversis Bank (Financial Services)

"We had a challenge: to provide the organization with a tool that would enable our users to exploit the enormous amount of information in our databases and allow the organization to leverage its knowledge of the agricultural sector, while requiring a manageable learning curve for the Technical Services department charged with implementing the tool. BIRT Analytics is our own philosopher's stone."
Enrique V. Carsí, Computing Systems Service Chief, ENESA (Insurance)

"Advanced and predictive analytics solutions that deliver unprecedented usability, aimed at business users with limited technical skills who demand real-time, self-service data mining″.
Faustino Rivero, Sales Director, Brújula (Partner)

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