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Welcome Allen Bonde
Our new VP of Product Marketing & Innovation at Actuate

Allen Bonde is VP of Product Marketing & Innovation at Actuate, an advisor to several start-ups, and a former digital media and Internet CMO. An early proponent of self-service apps and data-driven marketing, he has helped global leaders with their big data and customer experience strategies, and shares his perspectives as a contributor to, DM News, and Small Data Group – his top-rated blog. Prior to joining Actuate he was Partner and Principal Analyst at Digital Clarity Group, a co-founder of social marketing pioneer Offerpop, and CMO and head of strategy at CRM consultancy eVergance (now KANA). He started his career as a researcher and data scientist in the telecom sector, and was part of teams at McKinsey and Yankee Group that did early work in online advertising and e-commerce. Allen attended Brown University, and holds degrees from the University of Virginia and Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He enjoys suburban life with his wife, three teens, and poorly behaved Yellow Lab, is a big-time car guy, and plays a pretty mean bass guitar.

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Small Data Group | Blog

In Search of Data-enriched Experiences

Posted on February 19, 2014

I started programming in 1980. In 1990 I finished my master’s degree focusing on machine learning. In 2000 I spent a year at McKinsey
developing economic models for online advertising. In 2010 I co-founded Offerpop, which is now the leading social marketing platform
for Facebook and Twitter...

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